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Today, in our Conversation with Friends, I had the pleasure of speaking with the beautiful Jetty Nieuwenhuis. Jetty, owner and founder of health & wellness brand trujetty, is a coach, makeup artist, image stylist, and model who found herself in a twenty-year struggle with Bulimia and Lyme disease. Realizing the power of self-love and self-care, Jetty recovered and is now passionate about empowering other silenced women to love themselves and their lives.

Let’s jump right into Jetty’s incredible journey and learn how she was able to unsilence herself and embrace her uniqueness to heal and push forward and succeed. You can be free from judgement!

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[00:01 – 10:03] Opening Segment

  • I introduce Jetty to the show
    • Survivor of Bulimia and Lyme Disease
    • Empowers other women to live there best life
  • Jetty tells a bit about her background
    • Lives in Canada, born in the Netherlands 
    • Mother of two teens
    • Experienced silence in her life
  • Jetty shares a bit about her current work
    • Trujetty
    • Certified wellness coach
    • Living the dreams she was too afraid to follow in the past 

[10:14 – 19:47] Facing Self-Silence

  • Jetty shares her story 
    • Started with a passion in fashion and beauty but worried that it was too shallow
    • Learned to trust her intuition 
  • Jetty talks about how she faced shame for her image
    • When she moved to Canada she felt ‘too much’ 
    • Dressing up can add to your inner beauty 
  • Jetty talks about her story fighting Bulimia
    • Feeling like she didn’t deserve to go for her dreams
    • Dealt with Bulimia while not knowing what her purpose was
    • Triggered in high school feeling abandoned and put down by family and society
    • Became serious about healing at the age of thirty-seven and returned at forty 
    • Began to find balance after her awareness 

[19:48 – 27:06] The Journey to Find Yourself

  • Jetty gives her story about beating her eating disorder
    • Decided to confide in her coach and tell him what was going on
    • Become exhausted and done with moving through life like this
    • I talk about the power of the internal guide 
  • Jetty talks about the effect her family had on her
    • Her father served in WWII and came back with PTSD that went undiagnosed
  • Jetty was an open and happy girl but it went unappreciated by her family
    • Became a people pleaser who was not allowed to be herself
    • Finding yourself again
  • Jetty felt she never fit-in but embraced it and enjoys it 

[27:07 – 46:33] Unsilence Yourself

  • I talk about my experience having to ‘put on’ 
  • Tell your story!
  • Jetty talks a bit about her husband
    • “I want to talk about real things, and he knows I don’t have to ask “permission” 
    • He lets me live my life
  • Jetty shares about her experience with talking about real things
    • Do what you want to do with your body and your life 
    • Most women felt empowered and on-board 
  • I talk about the conditioning we face from society 
    • Facing negative stereotypes 
    • We always go with the worst case scenario that stops us from speaking
  • Learning to be free from judgement 
    • It’s an ongoing journey 
    • “What was I worried about?”
    • You will never please everyone

[46:34 – 53:38] Closing Segment

  • What would you like people to know about moving forward in life?
    • “I just want to live my dream life, and I don’t want to be silenced for it”
    • Embrace your light and show it to the world 
    • No one has the right to silence you
    • Embrace your past
  • Where can our listeners find you?
    • Links below
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“I learned to trust my intuition and that’s how I’m rolling.” – Jetty Nieuwenhuis

“You know, dressing up makes me feel powerful, it makes me confident, it adds to my inner beauty…” – Jetty Nieuwenhuis

“I always see so much power in the internal guide for yourself that says, ‘enough now’. That internal guide that wants to actually learn to heal together.” – Keisha Shields 

“I just want to live my dream life, and I don’t want to be silenced for it. People are free to judge me; I’m not taking from anybody else. I just want to live this life to the fullest and I would love other women to feel and resonate with me… to find their light.” – Jetty Nieuwenhuis

If you feel you resonate with what we spoke about today you can connect with Jetty on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Also, visit her website https://trujetty.com/.

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